Connection Despite Social Distancing.

These are unprecedented times but one thing remains the same, we all need human connection. Why not connect through the universal language of music? We could all use an excuse to get out of our PJ's and move around in a way that boosts spirits.


Whether you want to "gather" your friends for a virtual happy hour, are a high school senior hoping to have some semblance of the prom you've always dreamed of or maybe you just want to get up and groove, DJ SoulStar is here to bring the music AND the hype! 


Throw on something that makes you feel good and let me know what you'd like to hear. I gladly accept requests, or sit back and relax and let me do what I do best. I'm most known for my ability to not only 'read a room' but to connect with every individual's energy creating the perfect music journey and ambiance. It's what has helped brand me SoulStar. Let me use this unique talent and passion to bring the perfect vibe to your virtual gathering.

Contact me via email at,

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