Hoyet Andrews DJ Soul Star DJSS















emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance. 

It’s Hoyet’s soul that has not only helped brand him DJ SOULSTAR but has earned him the title of one of Houston’s most sought after DJ’s. To be an effective DJ the most crucial element is to know how to engage an audience. Hoyet’s gift as a DJ extends beyond his ability to read a room. He connects with each and every individual’s energy within the room. It is this energy that flows through him, creating a musical journey and ambiance. 


An eternal student of music, Hoyet was raised around such diverse artists as Steely Dan, Sam Cooke, MAZE, Sade and many others. For Hoyet music has always been like medicine, an incredible form of therapy. At a very early age, he fell in love with the way music was able to move him. From the lyrics, to the production, to the instruments, every part speaks to him. He also loves the way it brings people together. Music knows no class, no race. And even when you have no money in your pocket music brings inspiration and euphoria. 

Hoyet’s soul, coupled with his passion and understanding of music has placed him in high demand. His clientele list is a mile long including highly recognized brands such as Porche, Tootsies, The Four Seasons, and The American Heart Association. But no matter the momentum his talent has gained him, it’s his love of the music that drives him to continue working at weddings, private events and schools to include Memorial, Kinkaid and Atwy International. Hoyet is also proud to be the official DJ of the Houston chapter of the Buffalo Bills backers and you can find him at various resident brunch spots every weekend. 

“There’s a certain type of reaction that you get when you play the right song at just the right time. This reaction is like my drug,” -DJ SoulStar